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Civil-military relations

Sep 7, 2011, 1:37 PM

We have been reliably informed of a civil-military seminar to be held this week by the Association of NGOs in the country.

The subject is important, and we feel it is timely.

Such forums should be held regularly to boost the relationship between the armed and security services and the civilian population.

The forum by bringing about common understanding and awareness creation in improving civil-military relations in the fight against crime, drugs trade and terrorism, is an essential event.

It is only through such programmes that the civil population will see the military as their servants and partners in development, and not the opposite.

It is important for both the civilians and the military to see each other as brothers and sisters, who are serving their nation in different capacities, and there should not be any bad blood among them.

For there to be a strong civil-military relationship, both parties should respect the laws of the land and avoid abusing each other.

We strongly believe that the role of civil society is crucial in bridging peace between the military and other sister services and the civilian population together, and this could be only achieved through dialogue and regular sensitization.

The security and armed services are mandated to protect the life, property and territorial integrity of the country, and this is not an easy task.

They need the support of the civilian population in the promotion of peace and stability in the country.

We have to understand that the security cannot be everywhere in the country; so they need the support of the population in their work.

The Gambia is a peaceful country, and so both the civilians, sister services and the armed forces have to work hard to cherish the peace and stability we have in the country.

We are using this medium to call on all and sundry to work together to make The Gambia a trouble-free nation.