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Central Badibou cultivates groundnut farm for disaster committee

Oct 10, 2013, 3:51 PM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

In response to community disaster risk reduction, the communities in the NBR and central Badibou and district disaster management committee have cultivated 2.5 hectare groundnut farms to support district disaster management committee in its resolve to provide humanitarian aid to affected families.

Chief Alagie Jagne of Njaba Kunda lauded the district disaster management committee’s commitment to complement the efforts of the National Disaster Management Agency through Regional Disaster Management Committees to provide support to affected families.

He said the initiative came as a result of district sensitization by the Regional Disaster Management Committee to empower communities to adopt all disaster resilience and mitigation measure.

Chief Jagne reiterated the district support citing the opening of district bank accounts and farms to enhance humanitarian response to affected families and by extension enable communities to develop sense of ownership.

He thanked Regional Disaster Coordinator Momodou B.K. Ceesay for his hard work and cooperation to empowering communities to take centre stage in disaster response.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Ceesay lauded the efforts of central Badibou district management committee for their foresight in complementing his agency’s efforts, noting that disaster risk reduction and mitigation measures calls for concerted efforts.

He said the farm is the first of its kind for communities to take the lead in disaster mitigation and building communities resilience to disasters.

The NBR disaster coordinator calls on people to complement government and the NDMA efforts at mitigating the problems of disasters.

Hon. Samba Cham, National Assembly Member, and Alh. Ousainou Faal, APRC constituency chairman of Central, echoed similar sentiments and assured all and sundry of their commitment to support and complement the President’s drive of people to assist those in need of help.

The central political brass noted that the people are much willing to support and provide assistance to people.

For his part, Seedy Jagne, secretary general of central Badibou district disaster management committee, reiterated calls for mobilization of more resource at district level to support and respond to disaster affected families.