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Banjul Sports Committee suspends, rejects appeal and fines teams

Sep 4, 2014, 10:43 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

The Banjul Sports Committee has suspended technical staff of Makann Bi FC and Dingareh FC respectively.

The officials of the teams, one Keller and George Sarr, were suspended for indiscipline and unruly behavior, which means they will have sit out three consecutive games each, after being sent off during their respective encounters.

The behaviour of the technical staff in question leaves them from not being allowed to sit on the bench, behind the bench, enter dressing room or football ground for 3 games.

The committee warned both teams to desist from such behaviour in future, as a result of the offence they have committed in the past, to avoid being given a heavier fine and suspension.

Kawsu Jammeh, technical staff of Warriors FC and Eliman Jagne of Revelation FC, have both been handed the same punishment for committing the same offence during their respective games.

In another development, the committee has rejected the appeal on the fine imposed on Dwain Bi FC for praying on the goal post.

The committee said the team was informed during the qualifying rounds that such practice is unacceptable and urged them to adhere to it but they failed to do so during their match against Afia Bi on Sunday, 24 August.

The fine must be paid before the team’s next scheduled match in order to serve as warning to all teams, the committee stated.

Finally, the committee fined Ajax FC and G-Unit FC each D500 for pouring substances in their various dressing rooms as well as the football ground on Sunday 31 August before the commencement of their game, which resulted to unnecessary tension.

The fine, the committee said, must be paid before their next scheduled match and therefore warned both teams to desist from such practices.