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Call for dialogue in Libya!

Mar 16, 2011, 12:57 PM

We join the civil society organizations in The Gambia that are calling for a dialogue for peace in Libya.

The dialogue will lead to the preservation of human lives, and respect of the resources and sovereignty of the Libyan people.

The statement issued on Monday by the Youth Action for Food Self-Sufficiency and Education, Popular Democracy and Development Network, African Youth Union and Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association is indeed a well calculated idea.

Also, the initiative suggested by the Bolivarian Alliance of the People of Our America-TCP on the creation of an International Humanitarian Commission for Peace and Integrity of Libya thus following the principle of no-intervention, respect of the sovereignty and self -determination of the Libyan people.

We strongly oppose any kind of intervention by NATO or any foreign power in Libya to take advantage of the unfortunate situation.

We equally urge the rebels to lay down their arms and give AU the opportunity to mediate for dialogue for a peaceful Libya.

The political turmoil in Libya is a serious problem whose effects will surely be felt by the entire world.

Libyans have to understand that it took them a long time to build their country; so if they continue to fight and destroy their country, it would take them decades to rebuild the beautiful loving desert country.

Once more, we pray for peace and stability to prevail in Libya, and the world at large.

People have to understand that crises have to be solved through dialogue, before going to war because war should be the last means to apply.

The crisis in Libya is a real catastrophe, which needs to be brought under control, and the only way to do this is to engage the two parties concerned in a dialogue process rather than using military intervention, which would only worsen the situation.