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Brufut Marathon rescheduled for December 8 as registration commences

Sep 26, 2012, 10:27 AM

Brufut Marathon Association (BMA) invites the general public to participate in the 18th annual event of its marathon scheduled for 8 December 2012.

According to Ba S. Jabbi, chairman of the BMA, the event will mark the second Half Marathon (21km) and ten kilometers (10km) respectively for both male and female.

The Half Marathon will start at Africell on Kairaba Avenue and proceed to the Traffic light then towards the Independence Stadium and straight to the Bakau branch of Trust Bank, British High Commission in Fajara, before going back to Traffic light on Kairaba Avenue then to Senegambia, Brusubi Turntable and to Brufut Lower Basic School.

The ten-kilometer run will start at the Palma Rima Hotel and go to Brufut Lower Basic School.

The 5KM event, which will start at the Brusubi Turntable unto Brufut Lower Basic, is open to both male and female participants.

The other events on the day are the Running Club Fun Run, which starts at Brufut Gamtel Junction. This is a special event to commemorate our dear friend and brother the late Yaya Camara, a representative of the Friends of The Gambia Association and the Nursery School Children’s race.

All runners and non-runners are encouraged to attend the sports festival characterised by the best sporting event in Brufut/The Gambia.

All participants should pay registration fees except the Nursery School children. The deadline for registration is 30 November 2012.

The winners and all participants will receive awesome prizes at the end of the event.

Distinguished interested participants and sponsors can contact:

1.         Max Jallow @National Sports Council,                         Tel: 9922561

2.         Matin Myers @Friends of The Gambia Association (fotga), UK email committee@fotga.org.uk

3.         Alieu Jarju@Brufut Upper Basic School                        Tel: 9923359

4.         Ba S. Jabbi, Chairman, BMA,                                        Tel: 9918563/7831414

5.         Sainabou Kujabi @ The Point Newspaper,                     Tel: 9803509

6.         Ousman Sanneh @ Brufut Nursery School.                   Tel: 9859888/3331571

7.         Pa Modou Faal, PRO, NISA,                                          Tel: 9821736

8.         Derko Petrovic @ World Food Program,                        Tel: 7637225