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Brufut Marathon inks MoU with Bissak Community of Guinea Bissau

Apr 10, 2013, 10:14 AM

Formal partnership links were recently signed in Bissau between the Brufut Marathon Run Association (BMA) and a reputed Non-Governmental Organization in Guinea Bissau, called BISSAK Community.

Both organizations are voluntary bodies with sporting, societal and philanthropic missions.

The signing ceremony took place in Bissau and was attended by three members of the BMA, Sulayman Jarju, Ansu Jarju and Awa Gibba, who recently concluded a three-day visit to that country.

The visit coincided with the International Women’s Day celebrations, which featured various activities from a march-past to football and other events, in which Bissak and BMA members took part as organizers and officials.

Commenting on their visit to Guinea Bissau, Awa Gibba said the BISSAK community and BMA share common objectives, especially in the area of forging cooperation between peoples of the same culture separated by artificial borders.

“They were very receptive to the views and strategies of the BMA and have pledged to work with us in all areas through exchange of ideas and visits to each other’s functions,” Ms Gibba said.

She thanked the Bissak community for the wonderful reception and hospitality accorded them during their stay in Bissau.

The BMA is a leading name in sport and community development and the organizers of the famous Brufut international marathon.

The Bissak community is a strong NGO in Guinea Bissau with membership from prominent citizens including farmers, traders, and soldiers.