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British Couple Distributes Relief Aid

Jan 23, 2009, 6:02 AM | Article By: Malafie Badjie

A retired British couple have brought in several Aqua Filters with assorted emergency materials and started distribution with the help of Muslim Aid and National Disaster Management at the KMC.

John Griffith and his wife Jane Griffith, a retired Engineer and teacher respectively, have made their move through Rotary Clubs in UK, churches and schools to bring about 604 stuffed boxes with emergency materials. They have re-launched Aqua Filter that purifies water in adverse or emergency situations.

According to the couple, Aqua Filter has been developed and is ready for re-launch. "It pumps between 200 to 300 litters per hour (over 25 buckets per hour) of 99.9% bacteria free water delivered by hand pumping. It can also fit into an Aqua Box and weighs 16kg," they said.

The couple said one filter unit has successfully completed a two-month trial at the NewcastleUniversity and that field trials of other units were ongoing. "One is in a refugee camp in Lebanon, one in Rwanda and one in Sierra Leone," Jane said.

They asked the recipients what is really needed and this is passed on to the donors whose assistance would be geared towards that only. "In The Gambia recipients prefer clothes for children than the elderly," they said.

Jane said they have distributed 52 boxes through the Disaster Management Committee. "We have given 18 boxes to refugees through UNHCR," said Gill and Jane. They expressed satisfaction saying, "Water is so important for health and we have good reception from the people," they said.

The couple praised Muslim Aid, the National Disaster Committee, KMC Mayor and the Fire and Ambulance Services for reaching the needy on time and the right place. "We are impressed, no resource is wasted," they said.