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British Athletics Association Should Consider Dwain Chambers- NSC Executive Secretary

Nov 20, 2009, 12:44 PM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

Alieu Y. Cham, the Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council has called on the British Athletics Association to consider Dwain Chambers and see how best the number one sprinter will be able to regain his position in the World Athletics Championship. Dwain, a British top athlete it could be recalled was found guilty of a scandal and is currently serving 18th months ban imposed on him by the world's biggest athletics body which disqualified him from representing his own country in any international athletics championships.

Speaking to reporters shortly after a press conference at the Independence Stadium's Friendship Hotel on Wednesday, Cham told journalists that his intention and wishes is to see Dwain Chambers regain his position in the World Athletics Championship. As a result, he urged the British Athletics Association to consider Dwain so that he can get back to where he was.

Dwain has endured a glittering career after it was reported that he was involved in a scandal shortly after an in-door game and has since lost his place in the World Athletics Championship without any reward, despite some wonderful achievements.

The ambitious top British athlete during Wednesday's press briefing told reporters that he is determined and ready to regain his position at the World Athletics Championship, despite all the difficulties and doubts surrounding his future in athletics. He said he remains confident that the future is bright for him and is hopeful that he would be able to regain his position in the World Athletics Championship.

Chambers enjoyed a lot of success in athletics at some points in his athletics career.

He broke the British record of 6.42 in Turin, Italy and spoke of his intention to put the same urgency in the Gambian athletes so that they can also be exposed to higher standards in order to achieve glory.

Dwain Chambers continued to gain a lot of international recognition, such as winning his first Junior Athletics title at the age of 15, and went ahead to finish second behind Morris Green in the World Athletic Championship with a timing of 9.8 seconds.

As part of his achievements, Dwain was able to sign a contract with Addidas and was the second highest paid sports personality behind David Beckham.