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Brain drain a problem for Africa

Jun 7, 2011, 12:07 PM

One of the major challenges hindering the development of Africa today is  brain drain, since most of our intellectuals have left the continent in search of greener pastures.

The reason  most of our technocrats are leaving is due  to lack of motivation from their  governments.

Some are always given promises, which are never fulfilled.

For how long will Africa continue to struggle with the issue of brain drain.

We feel that it would have been better when African countries  gained independence, this was the time when many of our intellectuals wanted to work for their countries, and develop their national economies.

However, to our surprise this wonderful dream later became a failure.

All this was due to lack of commitment from our respective governments and peoples, who were supposed to achieve the dream for Africa.

We feel that the blame should not only be centered on the governments, but our intellectuals too, who also contributed towards the problem of Africa’s under development.

Some of these technocrats were trained by government, but after completing their courses, they would prefer to stay and work for Western countries.

For how long would Africa remain in this kind of situation?

It is high time  that Africa developed its human resource base, and focused on its development agenda.

This is the only thing that can move Africa forward.