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Bottrop Senior crowned champions of 2016 National Interschool finals

Mar 14, 2016, 9:52 AM | Article By: Ebrima Bah

Bottrop Kinderdoft Senior Secondary School has won the 2016 Interschool Athletics Finals organised by the Gambia Secondary School Sports Association (GSSSA).

The West Coast Regional powerhouse finished with 341 points from a total of 36 qualifiers. Essau Senior, the champion of zone three, grabbed the second place with 261 points followed by Mahad, the closest rival to the champions, with 244 points.

The defending champions, Gambia Senior Secondary School dropped to the fourth place with 215 points while their longtime challengers, Muslim Senior, to the fifth place with 177 points out of a total of 38 participants.

The rest of the result for the senior secondary schools included Bansang at sixth with 106 points, Nusrat seventh with 55 points, Mingdaw eight with 53, Tahir Ahmadiyya ninth with 56 points, Brikamaba tenth with 44 points, St Georges eleventh with 42 points, St Peters twelfth with 32 points, Amitage thirteenth with 31 points, Aji Fatou Bojang fourteenth with 26 points, St Augustine fifteenth with 26 points, Kanifing East sixteenth with 15 points, Fatima Senior seventeenth with 16 points, Farafennieighteenth with 14 points, Nioro Jattaba nineteenth with 13 points, Nasir Senior and 22-July Academy twentieth with 10 points, Fridawsu Senior and Kuntaya Senior twenty-second with 8 points, Niani Senior, Sheikh Mass Kah and Berending all at twenty-fourth with 6 points, Njawara, and Jamisa all at twenty-seventh with 4 points, Garba Jahumpa, and Panchang all at twenty-ninth with 3 points, Amass, Charles Fawls, Kiang Karantaba and Bureng all at thirty-first with 2 points, Niakoi at thirty-fifth with 1 point and Kwinella, Banjulinding and Siffoe Senior Schools all at thirty-sixth with 0 point.

In the Junior Secondary School category, Latrikunda Sabiji Upper Basic School defended the championship title for the fourth consecutive time. “Palasass” as the school is popularly called, collected 290 points, followed by last year’s runners-up, Barra-Essau with 215points. Kabafita Junior came third with 188, Brikama upper emerged forth with 155, while Greater Banjul finished at the fifth place with 64 out of forty-two contestants.

Pakakinding at sixth with 50 points, Tallinding at seventh with 48 points, Kombo Kerewan at eighth with 45 points, Sololo at ninth with 43 points, Presentation, and Kaur all at tenth with 40 points, Abuko at twelfth with 38 points, Kitty at thirteenth with 35 points, St Mulumbas, and St Therese’s (Fulabantang)all at fourteenth with 31 points, St John Viancy’s at sixteenth 30 points, Soma Upper, and St Therese’s all at seventeenth with 28 points, Jambanjelly at nineteenth with 26 points, Bakoteh, Latrikunda and Bansang all at twentieth with 20 points, Fass Njag, and Kafuta all at twenty-third with 18 points, Suduwol at twenty-fifth with 17 points, Farafenni, and St Francis all at twenty-sixth with 16 points, Sinchu Baliya at twenty-eighth with 15 points, Pakaliba, Sabi, and Ndungu Kebbeh at twenty-ninth with 13 points, St Edward’s, and Janjanbureh all thirty-second with 12 points, Ndaw’s Comprehensive at thirty-fourth with 11 points, St Augustine at thirty-fifth with 9 points, Dankunku at thirty-sixth with 8 points, Kotu at thirty-seventh with 6 points, St Michael, and Bakau all at thirty-eight with 5 points, New Covenant, and Berending all at fortieth with 2 points, Kudang at forty-second with 0 point.