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Banjul sports committee to open extra registration

Aug 18, 2016, 10:02 AM

The Banjul Sports Committee has announced that, extra registration of 5 players for each team will take place from Monday 22nd to Friday 26th 2016 at a cost of D50 for each player.

In another development, the committee announced that Modou Musa Jobarteh, assistant coach of Ajax, is suspended for 2 matches for having been sent off the bench on Saturday 13 August during their match against Lancaster United.

β€œHe should not enter the dressing room, stand behind the bench or field the match form and enter the football field during and after the match,” added the committee.

Meanwhile, the committee said positions 1st to 4th will qualify from each group to the last 16th of the MSTE sponsored league.

The 5th position of each group will be relegated, whilst in the group All Stars are, if All Stars are in 5th position, the team in 6th position will be relegated and if All Stars are in 6th then the team in 5th position will be relegated.

In the Bayba Financial Services-sponsored knockout, positions 1st to 3rd of each group qualify to the second round.

Positions 4th and 5th and the stand alone 6th position in group D will compete in the preliminary rounds. Out of the 9 teams in the preliminary round, 1 team will play twice.

Classification: 10.1.1 In case of a tie on points, the best goal difference shall decide the winner; 10.1.2 In case of a tie on goal difference, the highest number of goals scored will decide the winner; 10.1.3 In case of a tie goal on goal scored, the result of the match between the two teams concerned shall decide the winner; 10.1.3 In case of a tie that cannot be decided by the above, the two teams shall play a match to determine the winner.

Article 17: 17.1.3, any team that wins the knockout and happens to be relegated, shall be reinstated in the Nawetan proper.