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Bekai was an asset

Mar 8, 2011, 2:08 PM

The untimely demise of the National Assembly Member for Wuli East, late Honourable  Bekai Camara, is not only a loss to the National Assembly alone, but indeed a great loss to the nation at large.

Knowing who Bekai was and his contribution to national development, death has come too soon for him, when his people and family need him most.

The country will miss a great asset; a gentle, honest young man, who has immensely contributed his quota towards the socio- economic development of the nation.

The late Hon. Camara dedicated all his life in serving humanity to the best of his ability.

It was because of his good work that he earned himself a parliamentary seat, and his coming to the National Assembly was a public demand by the people of Wuli East.

Hon. Camara was a man of good character, and has fought for the cause of the physically disabled persons in this country.

As a result of his good work in the media, The Point newspaper at one time awarded him Journalist of the Year award.

 We should not allow the late Hon. Bekai Camara's legacy to die, and people should always remember him as a hero. It is not only The Gambia that has lost, but it is Africa as a whole.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.