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Barbaric act!

Mar 5, 2010, 9:35 AM

We learnt with shock the cutting of Gamtel fibre cables along Banjul Serrekunda Highway.

The Gambia Telecommunication Company (Gamtel) fibre cable that controls communication services from Banjul to Basse was cut off by unknown people in the wee hours of Wednesday.

According to Gamtel officials, the perpetuators cut the fibre cable from a manhole at the Sting Corner junction along the Westfield-Banjul Highway by pulling it out and cutting it at 297.5 meters, resulting in some communication breakdown in Gamtel's telecommunication services during the day.

We join the management of Gamtel to condemn this barbaric act, thus calling on the culprits to desist from such acts. This kind of behaviours can undermine development efforts.

Acts of this nature should not be condoned and we therefore urge Gamtel to thoroughly investigate the issue and bring the culprits to book.

This cowardly act does not only affect Gamtel, but residents in and around the area, particularly those who depend solely on the telecommunication giant for communication.

The police should always be vigilant to ensure that such people do not succeed in their dubious act.

We firmly believe that the development of this country is a collective responsibility of all Gambians, irrespective of party affiliation, geographical location, among others. Securing public properties should be a collective duty of all and sundry.

We, therefore, call on the public to help the police to ensure that public properties like this are well-secured and protected at all times.