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Banyaka reacts against Kombo South District Committee

Feb 5, 2013, 10:46 AM | Article By: Lamin Darboe

Banyaka Sports Committee has strongly reacted against Kombo South District Sports Committee for disqualifying them from playing in the Kombo South District football tournament final.

Banyaka advanced to the final after beating Tujereng on penalties after a goalless draw in the regulation time in their semi final clash last month.

Banyaka Sports Committee said they won Tujereng 4-2 on penalties and Tujereng has launched an appealed against them accusing them of using players with two yellow cards in their semi final ties and they also accused them of using players from Madiana and Brufut. The accused players with two yellow cards Haruna Sanneh and Lamin Bojang are said with one yellow card.

According to the Banyaka sports Committee, the Kombo South has launched an investigation into the matter and realized that Haruna Sanneh and Lamin Bojang are eligible to played the semi final against Tujereng , adding that the Kombo South district Sports Committee said that Masireh Jammeh was not qualified because he is a native of Madiana in Kombo North.

Banyaka Sports Committee stated that Masireh Jammeh is a native of Madiana in Kombo North and spent six months in Banyaka and he is qualified to take part in the tournament.

Banyaka Sports Committee has revealed that they will play the 2012-2013 Kombo South District football Tournament final against Sifoe this Saturday 9th February 2013, at the Jambanjelly football Field even if the district Sports go by their decision.