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Banutu College Ends Leadership Training

Jul 15, 2008, 6:56 AM | Article By: By Soury Camara

Banutu Business College (BBC) is an institution that has a particular distinction in offering skilled trades to its pupils in the form of learning and discipline. The college recently ended a week-long for members of various security units, civil servants and the commercial industry on leadership quality at its campus in Lamin.

The theme of the training was appreciative enquiry.

According to the organisers, this opportunity will allow the participants make better use of the positive things available to them at the community level, institutional level and departmental level to help develop this country.

Mr. Micheal Banutu Gomez, president Banutu Business College, posited that the workshop was geared towards helping Gambians start to appreciate themselves, their culture and their environment. Mr. Gomez maintained that the training will create an opportunity for dialogue, partnership and effective team work which will foster accountability, dedication and more responsibility.

Mr Gomez maintained that this kind of training will also quell the negative stereotyping whereby certain things are attributed to particular groups of people for our social ills and instead look for positive solutions for better a Gambia.

For his part, the facilitator of the training Dr. Berhe Habte Giorg, a professor at Rowan University U.S.A, acknowledged the fact that working with people closely in order to implement strategies requires much time. He further stated that the workshop is to train agents of change. Dr Berhe added that the success of the training would be measured by how participants begin to transform what they learn into practice.