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Bansang Nayconf should make a difference

Jan 7, 2013, 10:50 AM

The 10th edition of the National Youth Conference and Festival, Nayconf, underway in Bansang should be an event with a difference.

The huge investment made by the government, the President and development partners, as well as the people of Central River Region should not go in vain.

What we are trying to emphasize is that the biennial gathering of the country’s youths, which helps in reorienting and redirecting youth participation in productive sectors of the economy, has all what was required to ensure a successful event.

Apart from the conference, sporting events and cultural manifestations are all part of the national youth convergence.

It is our expectation that as part of their discussions, conference delegates, in particular, will also deliberate on the burning issues affecting country’s young people.

Critical issues such as youth unemployment, illegal migration, respect for the human rights of young persons, drug and alcohol abuse, freedom of expression, HIV/AIDS and so on will all be discussed.

We also hope that Nayconf will not, at any point, be used in any form as a political machinery by the regime, as this will make its purpose to be defeated.

The challenges facing Gambian youths are just too many, and only serious and sustainable mechanisms can address those challenges.

We, therefore, urge the lucky Nayconf 2013 participants to make the best use of their stay in Bansang, and come out with concrete resolutions that would help improve the livelihood of the youths of The Gambia.