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Banjul Declaration Set to Professionalize Gambian Football

Jul 29, 2009, 10:10 AM

At the end of a club management course, organised by FIFA in collaboration with the Gambia Football Association (GFA) from 20th- 25th July 2009, held at Paradise Suites Hotel, Kololi, in the context of "WIN IN AFRICA WITH AFRICA", facilitated by Course Directors: Mr. Jacques Malie and Mr. Neil Armstrong-Mortagbe, the participants at the programme have resolved the following:

1. CLUB structure

1.1        All first Division clubs should formalize registration with the Attorney General's Chambers by the 31st of January 2010: Copies of Registration Certificates should be sent to The Gambia Football Association (GFA).

1.2        Second Division Clubs will be sensitized about the benefits of meeting National Legal Requirements for corporate (club) recognition before 2011.

1.3        All first Division teams should have their Constitutions written and validated by 2010.

1.4        Clubs should have requisite administrative personnel (staff) and office space with precise address, contact telephone/fax numbers and E-mail addresses by the 31st of July 2010.

1.5        All First Division clubs must ensure that they have qualified Technical personnel, including coaches with minimum qualification of CAF "C" license status by 31st December, 2011.

1.6        All first Division clubs should have youth teams (U15) by 2011, a Women team by 2011, coaches and medical staff by 2011.


2.1        Clubs must ensure that a comprehensive arrangement be established with training ground owners/management to ensure easy accessibility of football grounds by the end of 2009.

2.2        Clubs must ensure that they have their away/home match venues determined by the clubs themselves, by 2015. (long term)


3.1        To ensure that First Division clubs establish comprehensive Marketing and Communication units by the end of 2009.

3.2        All First Division clubs must have Public Relations Officers (PROs) by the end of December 2009.

3.3        All clubs must develop a sponsorship plan by end of August 2009.


4.1        All clubs must appoint a member of their Administrative personnel as Head of Events Management by October 2009.

4.2        First Division clubs must organize community based fan development activities in order to attract fans.


5.1        All first Division clubs must develop a Financial Manual by December 2009 in order to ensure that accountability, transparency and probity are institutionalized in their clubs.

5.2        All First Division clubs must satisfy the requirements in order to reach at least the status of a CAF "C" license.

5.3        All First Division Clubs and The GFA should regularly develop a comprehensive seasonal calendar of activities by November 2009. This calendar must take into full consideration the international football calendar (e.g. FIFA, CAF, WAFU)

5.4        First Division clubs must develop a strategic plan by January 2010. (medium term)


6.1        The Management of The G.F.A. should ensure regular planning meetings with club representatives (pre-season, post season, AGM etc.)

6.2        The G.F.A. must immediately establish a functional Technical Department.

6.3        The G.F.A. must also establish a  Competitions

6.4        Department by mid-June 2010.

6.5        The number of matches played by elite teams must be increased.  This can be achieved by an increase in the number of competitions.

6.6        There must be a personnel in the Technical Department of The GFA who will be responsible for FIFA Grassroots Football.

6.7        The G.F.A. must initiate procedures for the training of coaches with the view of preparing them to be eligible to obtain CAF "C" and "B" coaching licenses.

6.8        The communication flow between The GFA and the clubs must be strengthened by ensuring that the necessary communication tools are made available (fax machine, internet, telephone, etc) as well as proper records keeping.

6.9        Clubs would wish to be extensively and meaningfully consulted during the constitutional review which is currently in progress.


Done in Banjul on the 25th day of July 2009.


Signatures: All GFA first division team representatives