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Balla Gaye 2 to honour championship trophy in The Gambia

Aug 12, 2011, 4:21 PM

According to information revealed to Entertainment by DJ Lamin Cham, come 1 October 2011, there will be a life entertainment show at Dream Park featuring Papa Njie Thiopet and Pa Omar Jack, to honour the championship of Balla Gaye, who has just won a wonderful trophy in Senegal.

According to DJ Lamin Cham, host of the programme, the purpose of celebrating the trophy in The Gambia is for Balla Gaye to meet all his Gambian fans and family members, as well as friends and loved ones.

The Champion Sound boss added: “The trophy is dedicated to all Gambians and President Jammeh. Balla Gaye took six years in the arena and has fought 19 times, with 17 victories and two defeats. He is still determined to go for more.”