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Bakoteh Annex Teams Receive Boost

Apr 29, 2009, 10:42 AM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

Bakoteh AnnexLowerBasicSchool teacher's team in Region I, were recently donated football jerseys by Ali Marshall while another philanthropist in Gordon Mitchell and his parents from Scotland in UK also donated 12 new football jerseys this time to the student's football team of the school.

In an interview with Pointsport Mitchell family's Gambian counterpart Mr. Lamin Sarr, a teacher at the school, was profusely thankful to Gordon Mitchell and his parents Janise Mitchell and Jimmy Mitchell, for their assistance to BakotehAnnexLowerBasicSchool.

Mr. Sarr assured that any donation received from his friend's abroad would reach the concern beneficiaries of School. He continues to claim "any items from my friends outside The Gambia does not belong to me" he maintains. Mr. Sarr adduced that diverting them for personal use means depriving the rightful students from what they are entitled to, Mr. Sarr revealed; "this is why I presented the items to the students directly".

 Mr. Sarr further posited that his UK friends have trust on him, and that is why they sent those items to him for the students to benefit. He added that the donors promised more help for the school. Mr. Sarr was quick to add that anything from his friends outside will be first put to the administration's attention. 

A parent who wishes to remain unanimous, describes Mr. Sarr as a trustworthy teacher who needs to be commended by all parents whose children are attending BakotehAnnexLowerBasicSchool. "Mr Sarr's contribution towards the development of the school cannot be overemphasised," he added.