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Bakery owner testifies

May 23, 2014, 10:09 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Ali Diab, a bakery owner, Wednesday testified before Magistrate Bojang of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court in the trial involving one Jarry Sanneh and Abdou Ndow who were charged on two counts of conspiracy and housebreaking, but they denied the allegations.

In his testimony, the first prosecution witness, Ali Diab, told the court he is a businessman operating a bakery, adding that he recognised the accused persons.

He testified that on 6 April 2014 around 10 p.m, he went into his house and found a young girl beside his table, but could not see her face because she was covering herself and could only see her back.

He said he thought there was a devil in his house, as she shouted and he got frightened, adding that he held her and asked her how she got into his house.

He posited that she told him it was Jarry, one of the accused persons, who assisted her to get through the window which was broken by Jarry, and was also asked by Jarry to take some money for Jarry from the house.

He said when he caught the girl, he realised that the window was broken and the wire mesh was torn, adding that he took the girl to the Kanifing Police Station.

At this juncture, the prosecuting officer, Corporal 2717 Jallow, showed the witness some pictures of the broken window to identify, which he did.

Corporal 2717 Jallow then applied to tender the said pictures as ID purposes. His application was granted.

The pictures were shown to the accused persons and were asked whether they had any objections for tendering of the pictures but they said they knew nothing about the pictures.

Magistrate Bojang then admitted the pictures.

The witness further told the court that while he was at the police station with the girl, Jarry Sanneh phoned and asked him whether he was with the girl.

He said he told Jarry Sanneh he was with the girl at the police station, adding that when he answered to Jarry Sanneh, he did not say much but handed over the phone to a police officer at the police station.

He testified that he went with the police officer to his house after Jarry Sanneh told the police officer that she would meet them at the home of the witness, adding that Jarry Sanneh never turned up.

He adduced that they searched the house and later went back to the police station where they found Jarry Sanneh, adding that Diab gave out his statement and later took permission to go back home, and would return to the police station the following day for further questioning.

The case was adjourned till 9 June 2014.