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Bakau APRC candidate confident of retaining seat

Mar 23, 2012, 12:24 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

The APRC-sponsored candidate for Bakau constituency, Kalifa Jammeh, has told APRC supporters in Bakau that he is certain of re-election in Bakau, come the 29 March National Assembly elections

Kalifa Jammeh was speaking recently during a mass political rally at Bakau Mama-Koto, where he told the electorate of Bakau that he loves them, this was why he brought so many development projects into their door-steps.

He denied what people have been saying against him (Jammeh), that he “does not participate during the debates at the National Assembly.”

“It is left to you the electorate to vote for the right candidate, who will have your interest at heart and for President Jammeh who is committed to the welfare of the people of Bakau.

He announced that President Jammeh will soon provide the women gardeners of Bakau with a borehole at their horticultural garden near Mile 7.

Jammeh told his supporters, especially the youths, that President Jammeh will upgrade the mini stadium in Bakau, and urged his supporters to always maintain peace and stability during the campaign period, and assured them that he will sweep the March 29th polls.

Bakary B. Darboe, an APRC supporter, described Kalifa Jammeh as the rightful candidate for the people of Bakau, noting that Kalifa Jammeh will tell anyone what he has done for the people of Bakau, and he (Darboe) can attest to it.

He mentioned some of the developments which included the facilitation of employment of 57 tourist’ guides at Ocean Bay Hotel, donation of D13, 000 towards the development of the mini-stadium in Bakau and a trophy worth D7,000.

He argued that Kalifa Jammeh’s benevolent gestures should not be questioned by the people of  Bakau.  

Ousman Rambo Jatta refuted claims that he has a problem with Kalifa Jammeh, and he commended President Jammeh for bringing street lights and constructing roads in Bakau.

He told the people of Bakau that Jammeh is having more development projects for the people of Bakau, adding that the people of Bakau should not allow anybody to fool them.

Rambo commended the residents of Bakau New Town for their support to the APRC party under President Jammeh, and he called on the electorate of Bakau to come out in their large numbers and vote for Kalifa Jammeh.