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Bag fever

Jun 10, 2010, 3:59 PM

No matter what kind of outdoor activity you are about to attend, you must carry a handbag or something else.

Choosing one to attend an all-day event can prove to be difficult.

While some may be too small and stuffing all your belongings, which might prove not to be the right one, others may be too big for your little items and might be a burden on you to carry around for a long period of time, particularly this early June when the place is so hot, wet and rainy.

But the most amazing thing about bags ranging from Lious Vuitton, Coach, Juicy, Couture, Fendi, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada, Versace and ED HARDY will help you get easily noticed by people.

Admirers would come up to ask where and how much you bought it.

Research has shown that 'designer bag lovers are also designer shoe lovers.' The prettier it goes the better, some would say.

Bags give a certain degree of sophistication to your outfit. The point is, carry a bag that is quite different from the colour of your outfit. It is also wise to wear a shoe and bag with the same colour to set you out of the rest.

The fact of the matter is when you wear an outfit, which is of the same colour with your bag; the tendency for you to be noticed by others would be very low.

Take for example, a scenario where Amina comes in with a black outfit and handbag she would seem out of way the moment she looks at Mariam, who wore a black outfit, black stilettos or pumps with an eye-catching purple or crocodile or python skin handbag. There is no doubt that Mariam would take the stage by storm being the diva of the evening.

Breaking news: over-sized bags will be the perfect friend this summer holiday anywhere you go in The Gambia.

The funniest thing is that men usually wonder what we ladies are carrying in them. Others believe all sorts of tales like spoons, receipts, protection, jujus and lots of money. They complain that our mothers only carry around small bags, why not this generation?  They failed to understand that our needs and fashion trends vary over time, making us change and adapt to the new age.

Coming back to bags, they are fashionable and useful anywhere, anytime and any day.

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