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Bad roads everywhere!

Aug 29, 2012, 9:54 AM

The poor roads in many parts of the country have become a cause for concern.

Bad roads affect the overall development of the country, as it delays the transportation of goods and persons across the country.

In The Gambia today, bad road conditions are being experienced all over the country, from Banjul to Pasamass, and from Koina to Kartong.

It is evident that access to a good road network in any country is an essential ingredient for national development, as it facilitates the smooth movement of people, goods and services.

We have always stressed that while there are many areas requiring urgent government action, we do feel that, in this country, as far as development is concerned, priority should be given to developing the road infrastructure, as well as health, education and agriculture.

In this rainy season, many Gambians are suffering due to the poor road conditions, which are an eye sore.

As stated in this and other columns before, it is high time the state of our roads became a matter of major concern to the government, and to see to it that the poor roads are fixed.

The road conditions, during this period, need to be looked into, if we are really serious about addressing the plight of our people.

Every year, we convey the news of distress being experienced by the general public as a result of the poor state of roads in most parts of the country, not only within the Greater Banjul Area, but also in most parts of the rural areas.

We would equally want to bring to the attention of the concerned authorities that there are many roads that require immediate consideration, as many roads are still in a poor condition; thus the need to do something about them.

It is common knowledge that, during rainy season, you go to certain areas, and find too many potholes or too much stagnant water.

It is imperative to note that efficient and safe movement of freights and people over our national highway network is very significant.

To make our roads user-friendly, we need to rehabilitate them and keep proper maintenance of them, as we cannot afford to live comfortably without a good road network.

It is very sad that during this rainy season, many people going to work have to walk in the rains and through deep waters and mud.

So something has to be done now, since there are bad roads everywhere!