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Baba T to Unleash Fifteen-Track Album

Nov 28, 2008, 4:46 AM

Olaitan Babatunde, alias Baba T, has unleashed a 15-track album. Proudly sponsored by himself, the album by Baba T has now hit the shelves of recording studios, Entertainment has learnt.

The multi-flavored fifteen- track production is entitled "I am for Wonder" and it's the second album to be unleashed by the journalist musician.

In an exclusive chat with Entertainment last Wednesday at the Jagaranda restaurant, Baba T outlined that the album touches on a combination of issues, such as hope, joy and encouragement respectively. Asserting that it is an album to bring back life in you whenever ones heart is broken. It will also serve as an invaluable source of education, information and entertainment.

He revealed that the album, which will be distributed by the CLM, Timbooktoo Book shop, West side studio and will also be available in the Audio, Video and CD format. The journalist musician released his first album in 2005.At the time of writing this story, Entertainment was privileged to gather that preparations were at a heightened state for the rising journalist artist to launch this album. The album will be launched at the Joint Officers mess in Kotu on the 29th of November, 2008 some months after its release.

According to Baba T, the album contains mbalax songs which feature Pa Omar Jack and including other artists as well. Baba T went on to say that, music in The Gambia is a growing stage and it needs a collective efforts from everybody. Baba T, in conclusion, could not help but thank the media for supporting the launch of his album. He therefore promised to visit countries such as Nigeria, Liberia, Senegal and Ghana after the launch of the album.