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AWODO changes name to Women Pathfinder (WOPA)

Jan 26, 2012, 12:29 PM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

AWODO WOPA is the acronym fro Women Pathfinder. WOPA is a charitable non-profit making association registered in the Gambia. The name WOPA replaces an already existing organization called African Women in Diaspora Organization (AWODO) which came into existence in 2004. Through the efforts of very committed and innovative women, there was a need for a change of name for the already existing Association with the similar aims and objectives.

WOPA is set up by women and dedicated to empowerment and path finding projects that will enhance the ability of women to become better members of the society.

WOPA’s mission is to “help girl child and women find, trace or retrace their paths in life” through education, economic and social empowerment that will be sustainable.

WOPA will act as an umbrella organization for all non Gambian Women Associations in the Gambia. WOPA will maintain the same relationship with the Women’s Bureau, which is the arm of the government dealing with women’s issues in collaboration with the office of the Vice President and the Secretary of State for Women’s Affairs in the Gambia. WOPA is a member of the Women’s Federation in the Gambia.   

WOPA will maintain its relationship with the African Union through the African Commission on Human and People’s right (ACHPR) in promotion and protection of Women’s right in Africa. We have an observer status with them which enables us to work in collaboration with the commission.

Women are industrious. However, they all need to be given opportunity to harness their potentials in life. WOPA is ever ready to help girl child and women who might have made mistakes in life to retrace their steps or those who are starting life to make a wise choice.

WOPA will engage hands with professionals to ensure a sustainable and attainable development of women in general.

The Aims and Objectives of WOPA

•To restore and sustain the dignity of women through empowerment and participation in socio-economic activities in the Gambia as well as globally.

•To provide support, counsel and assistance to disadvantaged women in order to see their potentials in life.

•To help women who might have made wrong decisions in life to retrace their paths to a more dignifying life.

•To raise the level of women awareness on different developmental areas and means by which they can contribute to nation building and become productive members of the society.

•To organize seminars, Training, Health Promotion activities and counseling, to be able to reduce the number of women involved in criminal and non productive activities.

•To educate women through sensitization programs on different preventive measures to live a healthy and happy life.

•To serve as the voice of the voiceless with different stakeholders.

•To bring to the decision and policy makers, the attention of the girl child and women issues impacting negatively on their lives.

•To engender and generate, debate and discuss on the way forward for women here in the Gambia and globally.

•To maintain a strong network and communication between the non Gambian women and their host sisters

•To promote, protect and dignify the rights of women by having a close working relationship with law enforcement agencies and different stakeholders.

•To serve as a platform for non Gambian women and the Women’s Bureau through the National Federation of Gambian Women.

WOPA is seeking for any individual who can support the girl child and women.