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AU Passport A Good Initiative

Jul 18, 2016, 1:18 PM

AU over the weekend unveiled the new passport to be used by citizens of Africa.

This is a good initiative, which is overdue as the AU should have a long time ago abolished visas among member countries to facilitate free movement of people and goods, promote trade, tourism and large-scale business among people of the continent.

Travelling in Africa, it must be noted, is today a serious problem, as too many checkpoints and travelling procedures are causing harm to the movement of people and trade in the region.

This is causing a serious nightmare for people, especially investors.

But with the introduction of the new passport, which covers all Africa, it is expected that this will do a lot of good for Africa and people of the continent.

African governments should capitalize on this development to invite more investors to their countries, to come and invest in many development sectors such as bringing in more airlines, trains, buses and other business ventures.

Concessions should be made for them, to let them have more confidence and faith in investing in Africa and to enable them to meet the challenges of investment.

The introduction of the new passport will also enhance the need for more integration, as it promotes unity and peace among people in Africa.

“There is more power in unity than division.”