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Young Gambian artist needs support

Jul 27, 2012, 2:23 PM

Gibril Sonko, a talented Gambian artist, has said he needs support to develop his work as an artist.

Gibril, who does fine arts, started his profession since his schooldays

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Thursday at The Point offices, Sonko said his plans include developing his talent in the profession as well as taking the country’s industry to higher heights.

“I learned this profession from one Nigerian for three years and now I am practising it,” he said, adding that since then he had worked with many companies on artistic work.

The talented artist told Entertainment that the first exhibition he attended was held at the British-American Embassy School in 2009.

“If I have the support I would organize an exhibition whereby I will display my work. I also need an art gallery to expose my talent,” he said.