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Attitude towards work

Jul 31, 2012, 10:50 AM

The attitude of certain individuals in this country leaves much to be desired.

While many are in the habit of going to work late, some do not even care much about their work when they get there.

This is a very unfortunate situation, and shows lack of patriotism.

People are paid to work and, by so doing, they are expected to work with total dedication and commitment.

The issue of the maslaha syndrome should be revisited, and employers including those in the public service should endeavour to work harder for the attainment of our developmental goals.

People who fail to do their work as expected should be made to know that they are not delivering as expected, and those who are hard working should be rewarded for their efforts. 

What needs to be made clear is that as far as attitude is concerned, you carry it around with you, be it good or bad, and it always reflects in your actions automatically.

The person’s experiences, education and personality shape your attitude to everything around you, thus the need for good work ethic.

Work ethic offers the opportunity to abide by a set of values based on hard work and seriousness, which has to be manifested and practised by all workers.

It is, no doubt, that when one knows and practises good and standard work ethic he or she would then fulfil his or her tasks on time.

It is often said that people who have the mind-set to complete a task, show dedication and commitment, are considered those with a great work ethic.

Every job requires ethics, which when applied helps the overall organisation in achieveing its  gaols.

Attitudes such as honesty, hard work, to be able to work with minimal supervision, reliability, and to possess a positive attitude are all attributes of good work ethics, which we are advocating for.

So we are calling on all employees to show total commitment, and to adopt good attitude towards work.