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Assisting the Needy

Mar 29, 2011, 2:34 PM

The announcement made by the British Government to provide emergency aid package to help tens of thousands of people affected by the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Liberia and Ivory Coast is good to notice.

Helping those in need is essential, as it would help change their lives.

We hope that the ongoing British government development programme in Liberia and Ivory Coast will greatly alleviate the suffering of the victims.

Providing essential health care for women and children at risk would, no doubt, reduce their vulnerability.

Developing nations, in particular, should continue to provide assistance to those in difficult and desperate situations.

In this regard, we applaud the British government for their efforts in helping these vulnerable people.

It is high time for the rest of the world to play their part, and join the likes of Britain in assisting the children, women and men who are in desperate need.

Liberia and Ivory Coast borders are close, so when one country has a problem, the other will feel the pain; that is why it is good to settle problems, before they escalate.

We must emphasise that helping the under-privileged is important, because the effects of uprising and wars and are devastating and unimaginable.