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APRC Ward Councillor appeals to President Jammeh to hand over power

Dec 20, 2016, 10:19 AM

Councillor Pa Amadou Manneh, Ward Councillor for Nyambai Ward, has made a humble appeal for President Jammeh to peacefully hand over the reins of government to President-elect Adama Barrow.

The following is the full statement of Councillor Pa Amadou Manneh:


One among numerous concepts I learnt from my Waa Juwara’s school of political thought, is that in any multi-party democracy when you are overcomed with what is your wish in a democratic process, you have to accept, on the contrary to when you are overcomed with what is not your wish you must accept.

It is under this backdrop that I, honourable Pa Amadou Manneh, an elected ward councillor under the APRC would add my voice onto the many God-fearing and peace-loving people of The Gambia to call on President Jammeh to hand over the baton of leadership to President-elect Barrow.

I am saying this even though my wish and efforts were for Jammeh to win this election and continue with his development agenda for The Gambia for the next five years.

My loyalty to Jammeh and the APRC is unquestionable. I have been an advocate for the continuity of the APRC regime in many ways, means and manner up to this recent election.

Apart from my countless political activities at regional level, I used my popular TV program on GRTS with Jali nghaly Mbye called “Yamaro” to canvass for Jammeh and my party.

I was on a political broadcast twice during the campaign period. But one thing I believe and have accepted in good faith is that we were unable to convince the Gambian people to vote and entrust their faith in us this time around even though they have been doing so since 1996.

And with all honesty it is their civic and political right to decide whosoever to vote for. The Gambian people have spoken and their language must be heard. If we can honestly reflect a little the writings were on the wall.

My journey towards being an APRC member was not accidental but a calculated move. Way back in the days of my activism in school, I got my political inspiration from PDOIS to become a sympathizer of the NCP under S.M. Dibba, then to the UDP during the second republic, then to become a founding member of the National Democratic Action Movement (NDAM), where I was the national youth president.

Towards the 2006 general elections my party (NDAM) joined with all the other existing opposition political parties to form an alliance called The National Alliance For Democracy and Development (NADD) when NADD fails the Gambian people at the dawn of the elections my confidence in the credibility of the leadership of those parties including my own, dwindles, then I decided to have a second thought about my perception of Jammeh as a president. I became convinced that the love, pride, patriotism and intentions he has for the Gambia can only be achieved through the collective efforts, contributions and collaborations of all Gambians home and abroad. This is basically why I joined the APRC. I contested local government elections in 2013 and won for Nyambai Ward. This is my political journey though short but has endowed me with an experience of understanding who Jammeh is. This is why I still appeal with reluctance, due respect and honour to my comrade leader, founder and architect of the July 22 revolution to reconsider his decision, recognize and reaccept the will of God that nobody can teach him to kindly and willingly for the sake of peace and continued stability do the wish of the majority of the Gambian people.

We under the leadership of Jammeh are eager to back to the drawing board to start afresh to be able to maintain and sustain his legacy. And in so doing, we need you Jammeh on the other side of the coin for guidance towards the achievement of your vision for the Gambia our home land.                                                                                                    Long live GDC                                                                                                           Long live APRC

 Long live coalition 2016

 Long live the Gambia


Honorable Pa Amadou Manneh