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American Biblical Storyteller Organises Gambian Counterparts

Mar 25, 2008, 6:10 AM | Article By: By Augustine Kanjia

After the departure of some members of the Network of Biblical Storytellers to America, one of their members was left behind to put final beginning touches to a new group.

Mrs. Juliana Rowe, a member of the Network of Biblical Story tellers, was yesterday among some commissioned Storytellers at the Trinity Methodist Church Serrekunda to set up a Gambian Network of Biblical Storytellers.

Henry Akapor, a commissioned Storyteller, chairing the meeting and said, "It is important that many churches are present to make the dream of a Network of Biblical Storytellers in the country. The secret of our success lies in the commitment of our members."

Rev. Sarian Taylor of the Anglican Mission asked the gathering to think of ways of setting a very formidable network of Gambian storytellers. She said the churches represented would be able to make a good thing out of what was there. Pastor Alex said he and his wife had already started a group in their church and were about involving others to join in so as to have good dedicated storytellers'group.

Sorr Reuben Nying of the Holy Family Catholic Church said the formation of a new Storytellers society in The Gambia is pertinent because what was taught should be kept alive. Augustine Kanjia suggested that before forming the Network of Bible Storytellers' Network in the country it would be prudent for each church to have their own Storytellers' group from where they could easily form the network. Some members especially their visitor Mrs. Juliana Rowe said it should be tried that way. They were to meet every month headed by Henry Akapor.