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Ambassador Soner receives Gambians on Turkey capacity building programme

Mar 25, 2015, 10:47 AM

Turkey, in her drive to increase the knowledge and accumulated experience of professionals from a friendly and brotherly Gambia,has continued to provide the possibility of various groups from the Gambian workforce to undergo training programmes in diverse Turkish institutionsor organisations.

The latest to benefit from these training packages were a batch of Gambian junior diplomats that successfully attended training programmes at the Turkish Diplomatic Academy, and the 3rd Group of Gambian doctors, nurses and midwives, who are to undergo practical training in Turkish hospitals.

Both groups separately visited the Turkish Ambassador at his office in Banjul on Monday.

During their meetings, H.E. Ambassador Soner emphasized the importance the Turkish Government and other related Turkish organisations attach to capacity building of brotherly and friendly countries like The Gambia.

The Ambassador also promised to continue cementing the ties between both countries, as well as to secure more training slots for Gambians in Turkey.