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Alarming Increase in Crime Rate

Aug 10, 2009, 6:27 AM

The rate at which criminality is increasing in our society is indeed alarming.

Laws seek to guarantee free and peaceful society where everyone can live in dignity and justice.

We find it disturbing to see crimes being committed at an unprecedented rate as reported in our local papers.

Most often these heinous crimes are committed by non-Gambians, which could otherwise be controlled by means of preventive measures.

Of recent, there have been numerous cases of murder, rape, theft, among other organised crimes, catapulting to 'harbinger of a new era'.

In the wake of angry criminals who are out to smear the good name of The Gambia, measures should be taken to put an end to this situation.

There is also a need to strengthen community policing as a complementary strategy to the existing security apparatus.

The crazies in the towns also resort to fresh strategies to beat down any devise being employed by the police, thus making the situation difficult to handle.

The thieves recently paraded on the television for carrying out clandestine operations in and around the West Field, is a case in point.

As shown on the TV, they were equipped with sophisticated tools that can ignite different types of cars within a minute of operation. In the same vein, where people felt mistreated they should also have course to redress their innocence, and those remanded for so long should be given the right to speedy trial.

We therefore call for a strategic scheme to ensure a crime-free and liberal society where everyone can live in dignity, respect and fair treatment.