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Ahmadi Women Conclude Training for Girls

Sep 24, 2008, 9:02 AM

The second Ahmadi Girls annual four day training class has been successfully concluded at the Baitus Salam Mosque in Tallinding. The forum was organized by the Lajna Ima'ullah, The Gambia.

In his welcoming remarks, the Amir Baba F.Trawally advised the participants to take the training seriously. He said that the training class for girls is of particular importance because women play a pivotal role in the shaping of a society. "You are the future mothers" Amir told the participants. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has said, "Paradise lies under the feet of mothers".This lays a heavy responsibility on women to train their children in the best Islamic traditions and you are granted responsibility to change positively the community, society and humanity at large.

Women, he said, should therefore show a high sense of dedication in including the teaching of Islam in their lives. As children you should therefore learn to dedicate yourselves to the Jamaat and learn its traditions.Amir urged the children to respect their parents and teachers and make good use of their time. "You should also pay attention to both your academic and spiritual training," Amir concluded.

Other speakers on the occasion includes, Brother Alhajie Bah, National Secretary Ta'leem who spoke on the importance of attaining quality education.

Sister Isatou Kinteh spoke on behalf of the Sadr Lajna Ima'ullah, The Gambia.

In a related development the 3rdAnnual Boys training class was also conducted and organized by the Youth of the Jamaat at Baitus Salam Mosque and ends on August 12th.

Meanwhile, the similar trainings were also conducted in all the six regions of the country.