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AGRICULTURE & DEVELOPMENT: Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation commemorates 6-year anniversary

May 18, 2015, 12:40 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation Commemorated 6-year Anniversary of the value of excellence and dedication to service of the founder of the foundation the late Francis DeGaulle Njie, at a ceremony held at the Girls’ Guide conference hall in Kanifing on Friday.

It was revealed that Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation is a charitable organization set up by the family of the late Francis DeGaulle Njie in commemoration of the values of excellence and dedication to service that he stood for throughout his short but very exemplary life.

It was also recalled that Francis DeGaulle Njie is a Gambian born in 1970 and educated in Banjul where he was taught of his class in every academic discipline.

The commemoration is an annual event that the foundation celebrates every year in the month of May with different topics.

The theme for this year commemoration is “Veterinary Science in Enterprises Development”, which brought together students from different schools in the Greater Banjul Area to improve their knowledge in veterinary science.

The objective of the foundation is to provide support for schools and gifted students, particularly in the area of science and technology in The Gambia, to increase awareness, provide an education and information resource for healthcare professionals, and raise funds for research, information resources and individual grants, as well as promote healthy lifestyles among other things.

Among the lecturers at the forum was Dr Bakary Touray, a private veterinarian, who expressed appreciation to the Fransic DeGaulle Foundation for focusing this celebration on veterinary science and bringing students from different schools to build their knowledge on veterinary science.

Dr Touray further explained to the students about what veterinary science is all about, its importance, difficulties, as well as the importance of involving in its service.

He advised the students to study veterinary science after their graduation in Grade 12.

Another lecturer at the forum was Dr Kebba Daffeh, an expert veterinarian, who expressed gratitude to the foundation of Francis DeGaulle for choosing “veterinary science in enterprise development” as this year’s topic and theme for the celebration.

He thanked the foundation for providing the veterinary profession with a forum to reach out to young people by providing them first-hand opportunity to get a glimpse of the essential role play by the profession on behalf of society at large.

Dr Daffeh added the choice of Veterinary Science for Enterprise Development as the theme for the year motivation lecture was highly commendable as veterinary science is a field that has ample opportunities for young people in the today’s world yet it remains relatively unknown, largely misunderstood or unappreciated by many young people in Gambian schools.

He explained that veterinarians are widely known to the general public as animal doctor but few know that they play pivotal roles in many areas such as the prevention and control of infectious animal diseases including those transmissible to humans, animal welfare, food production, food safety among others.

Dr Sadia Yaffa, also a veterinary expert, described veterinary science as the study of diseases and health maintenance of animals while a veterinary business serves as the medical needs of animal ranging from cats and dogs, to donkey, cows and birds.

According to Dr Yaffa, veterinarian plays a pivotal role in all stages of the food chain, namely safe production of animal origin. Dr Yaffa said further that 108 out of 172 member countries of the World Organization for Animal Health participate in a study entitled: “The production of Veterinary Service to global food security derived from terrestrial.” He said people consider veterinary science as a career and as a business for their interest in science and medical research, compassion and respect for animal and the desire to improve the welfare of both animals and human.

In her vote of thanks, Mrs Mary Alaba Mboge, founder mother of Francis DeGaulle Njie Foundation, expressed happiness and appreciation with the participants for their time in witnessing the very important day to commemorate the good work done by the late Francis DeGaulle Njie.

She described the late Njie as a great man and urged others to emulate his good work. Mrs Mboge, however, challenged the students to make good use of the Knowledge gained during the day’s cerebration on veterinary science.

She thanked the veterinarian experts who share their knowledge on veterinary science with the students and urged the students to make good use of the knowledge provided.

At the end of the forum, the participating students were given the opportunity to ask question relating to veterinary science.