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Africa deserves a better deal

Aug 31, 2010, 12:53 PM

The continent of Africa used to be termed as the Dark Continent where wars, famine and disease was the order of the day.

However, that trend has virtually changed as many people, including those in the West, are now realising that Africa too is a continent of hope and of dignified people who indeed deserve a better deal.

Officials of the US-based Worldwatch Institute have been touring the continent talking specifically about the plight of the farmers throughout their tour.

Worldwatch Institute’s sustainable agriculture programme highlights the benefits to farmers, consumers and ecosystems that are flexible enough to deal with switching weather patterns, productive enough to meet the needs of expanding populations and accessible enough to support rural communities.

Indeed, our farmers who toil day in day out should be given the much needed attention, if we have to realise food self sufficiency in our continent.

All efforts should be in place in ensuring that our farmers increase their crop yields.

For the visiting members of the Worldwatch Institute team, they have heard so many bad stories about Africa from the Western media that they came to see for themselves, and to tell the real stories about Mama Africa.

But for the rest of the world to see that Africa and its agricultural products take center-stage, all stakeholders must take their rightful positions in working towards that direction for the mutual benefit of all.

The youths, most particularly, must not look down on agriculture as the vocation for the illiterates, for not all of us can acquire the white-collar jobs.