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AFES embark on trees planting exercise along wetland reserved

Aug 3, 2015, 9:59 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The Programme Officer of Association for Food and Environmental Security (AFES) of Jokadou Dasilami in North Bank Region has underscored the association commitment to restoration and protection of flora and fauna to enhance food production and security.

The initiative was part of the association commitment to the restoration of forest cover.

Ba Ansu Fofana was speaking in Dasilami at the end of the planting of over 1000-eucalyptus tree along the wetland areas in Dasilami.

He said the restoration and regeneration of trees was to improve soil cover and regeneration of habitats to boost posterity and income.

He said the planting of over 1000 trees would control salination and contribute to the attainment of food security and environmental management.

Fofana asserted that trees contribute to advancement of human development and calls on the community to be vigilant in the protection of the environment.

He emphasised that people should change their attitude toward environment.

Ansumana Fofana, AFES treasurer noted that the association had nursed 15, 000 trees, aim at restoration of the environment.

He thanked Global Environment Facility of the United Development Programme for their invaluable support in empowering communities to be active in the preservation and protection of the environment from all forms of destruction.

He hailed the youths in Dasilami for their solidarity and support in planting trees, noting that it demonstrated their commitment to the restoration of lost environment.

Mamo Fofana, community member hailed AFES for their foresight in shaping the future for younger generation.

He assured of the community support in protecting planted trees and illegal logging of tress.

He noted that youths have important roles to play in ensuring that planted trees are protected from stray animal.

He reiterated of the community support to the realization and attainment of AFES objective

The association with support from GEF project has nursed the following tree species: 10,000 gmalina, 1,000 mahogany, 1,000 cashew, 1,500 eucalyptus, 1,000 orange and 500 moringa trees.

He said all these trees would be planted shortly in due course.