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ActionAid Holds Participatory Review, Reflection Process

Dec 4, 2009, 12:34 PM

Over sixty participants from Action Aid The Gambia and its partner organisations are attending its annual Participatory Review and Reflection Process (PRRP) in Tendaba in the Lower River Region.

The PRRP is an annual event undertaken by ActionAid The Gambia (AATG) to review programme implementation for the year ended, covering all AATG support areas in the country.

The information gathered during the process would touch on the next programming and planning cycle. The process will also provide the space for sufficient interaction between the various stakeholders for deeper reflections on programme performance and its impact on the poor.

Speaking on behalf of the Country Director, at the opening ceremony, ActionAid's Head of Sponsorship, Lamin Barrow noted that having made heavy investments on their partners and communities in 2009, it's incumbent on them to hold themselves accountable.

Barrow expressed optimism that participants would take the PRRP seriously as the information received from the communities will help them in their plans for the coming year.

Earlier, the Head of Policy, Lamin Nyangado noted that the programme came on the heels of another planning cycle for AATG. He emphasised that if they work in development, it is only prudent for AATG and partners to consult with stakeholders, especially the communities to take stock of progress, identify challenges and further steps to plan better for the future.

Meanwhile, the review focuses on group discussions, key informant interviews, literature reviews and workshops to determine the performance and impacts of the programmes, key challenges or constraints encountered, as well as lessons learnt.

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