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Golf president Ebrima Jawara asked to quit

Apr 5, 2013, 10:05 AM

The country’s professional golfers and members of the Gambia Golf Association have called on current association president Ebrima Jawara to tender his resignation in a period of one week for failing to promote their interest.

The professional golfers including Gambia’s renowned Fa Kebba Drammeh, alias Tiger Woods, have sent a strong letter copied to relevant stakeholders in sport calling on Jawara to leave the podium while the ovation is loud.

The names of the professional golfers that sent the letter included Bakary Touray, Kebba Drammeh, Doudou Kassama, Alagie Drammeh, Yusupha Tamba, Omar Jadama, Lamin Jammeh and Gibou Jallow.

The letter addressed to the GGA president from the golfers states: “We the professional golfers of the Gambia and members of the GGA are hereby requesting you to peacefully resign as the president of the GGA within a week of the date of this letter, as the association under your leadership has become more problematic because of personal issues than the said objectives of the association, as mentioned in the constitution, as some of which are to promote golf through The Gambia and to increase the participation of Gambians in international competitions, including Pro Ams and PGA tournaments, etc.”

The golfers also pointed out: “Following an assessment of the overall situation as to how Ebrima ran the association as an individual over the past couple of years, he has not only taken the development of the game of golf backwards but also damaged its friendly atmosphere that has been enjoyed by the majority of golfers in The Gambia.”

The petitioners are of the belief that under Ebrima’s leadership as president of GGA, “there has been no future for the game of golf in The Gambia and the dreams of many as future golfers will never be fulfilled”.

The impeachment letter reads further: “We really appreciate some of the efforts of yours as the president of the association and entire executive committee, but we believe it’s time to part ways for the interest of the game.”

When contacted, GGA’s President Ebrima Jawara reacted:

I want to put across three points: I have not received any letter of such as I am just coming back from Senegal; The Gambia Golf Association has a constitution that governs its officials or movements of its officials, and we don’t have a group called professional golfers; what we have is individual members.”