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Access To Justice Project Beneficiaries Commend EU

May 24, 2017, 12:58 PM

Beneficiaries of the European Union-funded Access to Justice and Legal Education Project have commended and thanked both the EU and implementing partners such as NCCE, NALA, ADRS and FLAG for bringing such an important project to their doorsteps.

The project was successfully completed in West Coast Region, Lower River Region, Upper River Region, North Bank Region and Central River Region.

Mam Haddy Ceesay, a native of Pateh Sam in the Niamina East District of the Central River Region (CRR), described the project as very important to them, particularly women as most of them did not know their responsibilities and rights; things the project has taught them.

She said the project also taught them how to take care of their families, adding that they would share the information gained with their fellow women.

She also explained that they were able to learn how to go about the issue of inheritance which they learnt during dramas that were performed by Fandema theatre and film production during the project.

Penda Mbye, a native of Mbayen, said they would make best use of the knowledge gained for the benefit of both men and women.

Kani Ceesay, a native of MamudFana, said they now understand that democracy comes with law, adding that they were pleased with the project and thanked funders and implementers.

Sohna Njie of Kerr Biran, said as first and second wives they were not fully aware of how to live together in peace and harmony but now they know.

“The issues of inheritance, forced marriage, early marriage, violence against women are all now known to us,” she stated.

They now know the measures and places to report their husbands in the event they maltreat them, she added.

Meanwhile, the project aims to foster better democratic and economic governance in The Gambia, through improving access to justice and legal education.

The project sets out to improve access to legal services/remedial justice, especially for vulnerable groups; legal education, training and research skills.

The project focuses on civic awareness with a campaign geared towards ensuring that local communities are aware of their basic legal rights and obligations and how, and where, to seek redress.

The overall goal of the campaign is to enhance access to justice through civic and legal education and the provision of information on available justice mechanisms.

The specific objectives are to promote public awareness on civic rights and duties; promote awareness of the obligations of law enforcement agencies as well as disseminate knowledge and enhance confidence in the tripartite justice system.