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Abiding Word Ministries celebrates 27th anniversary today

Nov 4, 2015, 9:56 AM | Article By: Adam Jobe & Abdoulie Nyockeh

Abiding Word Ministries (AWM) in The Gambia will today, Wednesday, commence festivities marking the 27th anniversary of the Church.

The celebration, to be held at the Sanctuary on Bertil Harding Highway, is expected to be attended by “very important personalities”.

Organisers said the guest preacher of the occasion is renowned Pastor Mrs. Elsie Nene Obed, president of Lilies International Christian Outreach in New York, USA.

Other renowned Christian guest musicians are expected from Nigeria and America.

Pastor Forbes, senior pastor at AWM, said one of the missions of the church is to restore mankind to God-consciousness and Christ-like service.

He said Abiding Word Ministries was established with a vision to bring purpose, direction and joy to believers by provoking them to maximise their God-given potentials in skill development, productivity, self- sufficiency and confidence in God.

The church also wants to serve in a “prophetic capacity” to the government and peoples by bringing relevant ministry in the fields of national development, economic growth and self-reliance.

“This started on 5 November, in 1988, when I just graduated from university.I came home but I felt God asked me to do something and 27 years later we are celebrating our anniversary.We call it a convention where we have international speakers, pastors and worshippers, leaders and musicians coming to celebrate with us in honour of God,” Pastor Forbes said.

“Our church started on 5 November 1988 so 5 November 2015 we are 27 years; a lot of things that were not here are now in place by God’s grace,” he added.

This year’s theme is “Zeal and Excellence”.

The pastor explained:“At AWM, everything we do on Sundays we do it with zeal.We look at zeal from two directions: our zeal towards God, our passion for God in a proper way and not in a fanatical way.The other direction is God’s own zeal for his work.

“We are also looking at excellence because we believe that God is excellent.For example, when God created me, He didn’t put my eyes in the back, he didn’t put my nose under my feet and my hands are not in my back.A woman can feed her baby because her breasts are not by her legs or at the back.Everything is organised in God’s creation, which is an indication that God himself is organised.”