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A word for the wise is quite sufficient

Nov 9, 2016, 10:13 AM

The current wave of child kidnapping rumour in the country has been described as ‘false and baseless’, by the police, as such a false information is causing panic among the population.

Indeed, this information has already been causing some panic, especially over the last three days. It has affected learning in the schools, as well as lowered national productivity as business activity for some people has been shrinking due to uncertainty about safety and anticipation of more such incidence.

Many schoolchildren, especially kids, have stopped going to school as their parents and guardians have decided to sit them at home to protect them from being kidnapped or from any unfortunate happening.

It is, therefore, pertinent and timely that such a warning statement is issued by the Office of the Inspector General of Police to put a stop to creating and spreading such rumours.

As the release stated, this is not to discourage the general public from being alert to any sensitive issue, suspicious or clandestine activity, especially as related to safety and security.

“The Office of the Inspector General of Police wishes to reiterate that members of the public reserve the right to report any suspicious or clandestine activity to the nearest police station for investigation rather than spreading false rumour that may cause panic among the population,” the release stated.

It says the law will be applied accordingly on any one found creating such stories as child kidnapping.

It is important that we take this concern raised by the police seriously because it will affect our social, economic and political fabric. So let’ be wise and act responsibly.

“Always listen to the warnings from your heart”

Teresa Collins