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A Truly Noble Gesture!

Jun 11, 2008, 5:51 AM

Well done to the Janor Group and particularly Sulayman Joof, the CEO and his business partner, Ebrima Faal. Yesterday they donated a large consignment of assorted fire fighting items to the Fire Service at their office at Bundung.

They gave eighty cartons of protective clothing, including boots, gloves, helmets, fireproof jackets and trousers to the Fire Service at Churchill's Town.

This is a gesture that is truly worthy of emulation and a shining example to all Gambians of the finer aspects of human kind. Our fire service provides a vital service in our community and should be helped at all times by all who can afford to do so.

Sulayman Joof said that the business sector has the corporate responsibility to give back part of their proceeds to their communities. His business partner, Ebrima Faal, said they are duty-bound to give part of their profit to the country to supplement government's efforts.

It was however very disheartening to hear Mr. Faal say, "We face difficulties in clearing these items even when they know they are for gifts to serve our community. At times we face real difficulties at the customs, they don't care what and for who one is bringing in these things."

This situation must come to an end immediately as there is no doubt it is hampering many people and organisations from bringing much need help into The Gambia. People coming to give aid to The Gambia should be exempted from duties and import taxes. Hopefully this situation will change in the very near future so that people like those in the Janor Group who wish to contribute to our national development can do so without suffering financial hiccups at customs.


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