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A deal worthy of negotiation

Mar 17, 2016, 9:49 AM

The deal being cracked between our government through the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy and Sinohydro, a state-owned Chinese company, is worthy to be actualized if all the necessary arrangements are put aright.

This is because such a landmark deal aimed at enhancing power production in our country would do a lot of good for this country’s development drive.

Whilst an enhanced power generation in the country would improve the supply of electricity to private homes, it would also be of immense boost to businesses in the country.

The parties involved in the deal, according to the report on the negotiation, have resolved to boost power production in The Gambia by consummating a 50 megawatt generation plant to replace the country’s aging power generation capacity; install a 132KV (kilovolt) power transmission backbone line; and reinforcement of 33 KV transmission systems in the Greater Banjul Area of The Gambia.

The deal is worthy of negotiation, as it will be big boost to power supply in this country, in enhancing the country’s ability to produce electricity for Gambians.

We would, therefore, like to commend the parties involved in this deal, such as the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the National Water and Electricity Company, and Sinohydro, as well as encourage them to foster the deal to its fullest implementation for the good of both sides.

Regular and reliable power supply is the basis for sustainable national development, as all spheres of life and shades of businesses need it; it is to the life of a nation as blood flow is to the life of a human being.

“Electricity is really just organized lightning.”

Benito Mussolini