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A cause for concern

Sep 15, 2016, 10:21 AM

We have just been hearing reports of missing children over the media, especially shortly before, during and after the Tobaski (Eid-ul Adha) feast.

This situation is somehow worrying and a cause for concern to all parents and responsible people in this country.

This happening tends to take place more during occasions like Tobaski and Koriteh feasts, when most parents allow even their kids to jump onto the streets roaming about as a way of celebrating the occasions. 

During times like this, children are left on their own to do whatever they like in the streets most of the day till odd hours. They go to strange places, such as pubs, beaches, restaurants, ice cream shops and other precarious settlements for children.

This condition makes them prone to missing their whereabouts, as well as vulnerable to various hazards.

As responsible parents, guardians and elders in the society we cannot afford to expose our little children to risky situations in the name of celebrating occasions.

We should be very vigilant and discipline in the way we encourage our children to move around on such occasions as Tobaski, Koriteh or Christmas. 

This is because on occasions like these, the town may not necessarily be too safe for our kids. There are many vehicles on the roads, and incidents of car accidents are possible. The children could also get missing and probably harm themselves. They could as well pick up or adopt new bad habits like smoking and early sexual intercourse, which could be detrimental to their health and schooling.

Therefore, as parents and elders, we should be very mindful of how we encourage or allow our little children to go out in the streets on such feasts as Tobaski, Koriteh, Christmas and other festive occasions.

Otherwise, we expose our children to danger and bad upbringing, which goes to affect them, the parents and the nation negatively. 

“Proper parenting raises good children and yields dividends.”

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