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88 Kung-fu students receive award belts

Mar 27, 2012, 3:01 PM

Gambia Kung-fu Association on 24 March 2012 held a promotional award of belts with certificates to 88 students including 13 females from three different clubs.

The Dao Ying Yang Kung fu of Fajikunda, Tang Land kung fu of Mandinary and Young Kung fu Academy of Abuko benefited from the honours, at a ceremony held at Fajikunda Bajonkoto Football Field.

The occasion was graced by hundreds of people including the Alkalo of Fajikunda, Dodou Njie.

Speaking on the occasion, Ousman Jobe, the newly elected president of Gambia Kung fu Association, said: “Kung fu is among the best discipline in sport and also very good for the human body.”

Mr Job urged the youth to engage in kung fu practice and maintain discipline, as kung fu is known to be a sport of discipline.

“Parents should allow their children to practise kung fu,” said Mr Job, while thanking the Kung fu masters for their hard work and urging them to keep it up. 

Ebou Sanyang, alias Jet Li, public relations officer of the Gambia Kung-fu Association, said all the promoted students went through an examination process before been promoted to the next stage.

“This is a requirement where Gambia Kung fu examination body will go round all the kung fu clubs across the country and examine the students to observe their performance,” he said.

“It will help us recognise the best students who can stand for The Gambia at the international level. It will also help to produce good and quality black belts who can handle a club and spread kung fu across the country.”

Earlier on Saturday 10 March, the Gambia Kung fu Association also held a similar promotional and award belts with certificates to 11students from Hungarr Kung fu Contact and 13 students from Pao Kung fu Contact of Banjul. 

Hundreds of people including Banjul Mayor Samba Faal graced the occasion, held at

Dobson Street
in Banjul.