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15 students complete animal welfare course at UTG

Feb 21, 2017, 12:25 PM | Article By: Abdoullie Nyockeh

At least 15 students have recently completed a semester-long course on animal welfare at the University of The Gambia (UTG), for the first time.

The students are mainly staff of the Department of Livestock Services, and the Ministry of Education.

Lecturer of the course, Dr Kebba Daffeh, who is also the Local coordinator for WTG-VETS United, said the students took the animal welfare course as part of their bachelor’s degree programme.

It is an open course at the college, meaning it is a free course that is not part of the curriculum and that any student who is interested can attend it.

Dr Daffeh said recently, 45 people have successfully completed the programme at the college. 

“So we think this is a good move in the improvement of animal welfare in The Gambia,” he said.  “The course has positioned The Gambia in a more favourable way in order to address animal welfare, which is one area where there is huge capacity gap in The Gambia.”

He said the partnership between VETS United, and UTG and Gambia College is geared towards strengthening the national capacity in animal welfare.

He said the animal welfare course is designed in such a way that it has both theoretical and practical aspects, and students are examined on both areas at the end of the course.

Dr Daffeh said improvement in animal welfare has the potential to improve farmers’ wellbeing and livelihood, and food security.

He said already 54 students have registered for the animal welfare course for the next semester.

Bubacarr Jobarteh, a final-year UTG student, and Basiru Jatta, an assistant livestock officer working at the Department of Livestock Services, thanked Dr Daffeh for “this very important training course”.

They said the course has better positioned them to professionally sensitise the masses about the welfare of animals.