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Royal Messenjah to organize Royal East festival

Jun 3, 2022, 12:12 PM

As preparations are in high gear, the Senegambia high way is expected to rise above nature come June 4th as famous musician Royal Messenjah will be on stage to celebrate the Royal East Festival.

Royal Messenjah said the objective of the festival is to produce upcoming talented artists for The Gambia as well as to have cultural exchange with international artists.

He said most international artistes do not interact with our artistes or connection with them, but added that, they want to bring artistes to the country to meet and know Gambian artists.

Lena, Royal Messenjah’s manager said the idea is to create a platform for Gambian artists to connect and interact with foreign artists.

“I think is a beautiful platform to produce live music, because we have a lot of events happening. This is why we want to push live music and encourage artists to have their own bands.”

Other speakers thanked organizers for coming with such an important festival, saying the community has been given a lot to Gambian music and it also important to build up something for the younger ones.