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LRR Youth Committee chair ambitious to support, empower youth

Jul 27, 2021, 1:14 PM

The chairman of Lower River Region Youth Committee, Ousman Sanneh is ambitious to support and empower youth in his region.

The young men and women of the Lower River Region sometime last year took to the polls and unanimously elected Ousman Sanneh to serve as the Chairman of their region and represent them at National Youth Council Board.

Mr. Sanneh is not an amateur in the affairs of youth as he has marathoned and pedal through so many youth organisations.

Ousman has held a plethora of positions and has a lot of achievements in his arsenal. Unlike other youths that have no entrepreneurial interest, Mr Ousman Sanneh is multi-talented and adventurous, full of vigour and tenacity.

Ousman Sanneh alias the Whistleblower graduated from ST. Peter's Technical Senior Secondary school before enrolling at the Gambia College where he graduated with a Diploma in Education in the fields of English Language and Social and Environmental Studies. Passionate to developing himself intellectually.

 Mr. Sanneh thought it wise to pursue Bachelors Degree in Political Science at the University of the Gambia. Currently, he is a Senior Political Science student at the UTG.

Because of his combination in academia, the young man is au fait with contemporary issues of Gambia and always articulate his perspectives on trending issues.

The former whistleblower is undoubtedly one of the finest young men in LRR who uses his pen and voice to fight against any kind of injustice meted out to the youth.

It is based on this conviction that the young man is the Coordinator of Amnesty International, Soma Group.

Fueld by the quest for food self-sufficiency, the young man is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Nyo-Kuta Poultry Farm. Currently, he is a board member of the National Enterprise Development Initiative, a business mentor for GYIN Gambia, the Standing for youth initiative.

Mr. Sanneh is a teacher by profession with a record clean as that of a whistle, due to his zest towards education, and the fact that he is honest and upright.

Ousman was elevated to the position of Head of Arts Department at Tahir Senior Secondary School.

Ousman is a Chairman that has transverse the very cumbersome youth work to a simplified one; he has also managed to rattle through so many areas making him a teacher, a coach, an entrepreneur, a human right activist, a public speaker, and a prolific writer! As he continues his services, we believe that the young Chairman has a lot of goodies embed in his heart.

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