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Farato youth makes Electric kettle, iron and spoon from milk tin

Jun 2, 2020, 12:44 PM | Article By: Ousman Seckan

A Farato youth, Kebba Ceesay has introduced a new skill that enables him to make electric kettle, iron and spoon from B & B milk tin.

The 25-year-old Kebba’s creativity sparked at a tender age when he converted old radios into power banks and stabilizers and later ceased due to lack of materials.

He said he use tins to make appliances as they are more accessible.

“The machines for the electric kettle and iron are made of the lid of B & B tin. The container is use for heating water. I do make electric iron which is made of metal using the lid of B&B as machine to heat the iron, likewise kettle for brewing green tea. I also make electric spoon that heats water,’’ the talented young man explained.

Kebba is yet to sell the locally-made appliances, because he didn’t get all the materials needed.

“I do not sell the appliances yet, as I want to ensure that the container has a holder and a lid which should be {an} insulator that can make it more user- friendly. Once I get help, I will standardize the appliances for sale.

This knowledge is very significant, so I want people to know that it’s possible to make appliances here instead of importing them.’’

The young local inventor vowed that once he get the needed resources, he could do massive production of local electric kettle and iron as they are more user-friendly.

Ceesay asserted: “10 years is a long period, and even 5 is long. I believe that if I have the materials at my disposal, I can make many electric kettles and machines in a day.

“With assistance and working with people, my production will exponentially increase.’’

The young Kebba expressed his readiness to train and employ youth as soon as he gets support.

“There are many Gambian youth who are not working. So if I am assisted, many of them can learn from me, which will ultimately reduce unemployment rate in the country. This will help the government in national development, as things like electric kettle and iron are not made in this country,’’ Ceesay remarked.

Kebba does his work  in his house, and he’s seeking urgent assistance to secure a workshop and purchase more materials to fully operate his venture.

He believes that technology and creativity are critical in the development of a country.

Interestingly, he is currently making a solar vehicle which is on the verge of completion.

While calling on the government and philanthropists to empower young people who are engaged in such work, he equally urged young people to join him in order to impart his skills and knowledge to them.